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Lake Jennings fish report for July 20, 2014

Hello from your Lake Jennings!
This past week was very productive with catfish being caught from opening right up to closing.  Redears were close behind with high numbers being caught from early morning up to late noon.  Bass continue to make you work for what you get but they are being caught on the banks and a short very early topwater bite.  The bite is expected to increase as the water temps rise.

Lake Jennings held a wedding on Saturday, July 19th in Hermit Cove #1 and would like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Blaine McCadam.  Also, thank you to everyone for your cooperation during this special event which ran from late noon too late night.  If you have a special event, company party or reunion Lake Jennings is available so check out the website for the Venue options at or call 619.390.1623.

Lake Jennings is “Open Every Day” for the entire month of July with late night fishing on Fridays and Saturdays.

For more updates and to post comments visit and “Like Us” on Facebook or go to and search “Lake Jennings Recreation.”  Visit the Lake Jennings website, check out the Lake Jennings Bulletin’s at the lake and campground or you can sign up for the weekly report and have information sent right to your email.

Best Bass Spots: All along the banks
Best Bass Lures/Bait: Crawdads and Kreature Baits

Best Panfish Spots: The back of the coves and around the Fishing Float
Best Panfish Lures/Bait: Mealworms, Wax Worms and Redworms

Best Catfish Spots: Bird Trees and any of the Coves
Best Catfish Bait:  Mackerel, Chicken Liver, or Dough Bait

The “Catch of the Week” goes out to:

Fishing Float: Juliet of San Diego caught several sunfish using nightcrawlers and wax worms.

Bird Trees: Matt Helkenn of El Cajon caught some great 2 and 3 ½ pound catfish using mackerel.

Half Moon Cove: Trevor Freeby of Chula Vista caught a heavy stringer of catfish with a 6 pound, 4 pound and a 2 ¾ pound using mackerel.

If you would like to show off your catch stop by the Bait & Tackle Shop on your way out our flag down a Ranger as they pass by and share your “Catch of the day”.

What’s New:
Lake Jennings is “Open in July” every day for the entire month with “Night Fishing” on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Lake Jennings will stock another 1,000 pounds of catfish this coming week so come out during the weekdays if you want to get a jump on them before the crowd rolls in on the weekend.

Fees changes did start on Thursday, July 17th and can be viewed online at  To point the highlights, Half Day rentals are now allowed on both the first and second half of the day.  For a discounted rate boats can also be rented for the last three hours of the first or second half of the day.  Full Day rentals on Fridays and Saturdays did increase during the “Night Fishing” only.  The response was very positive with all boats rented out on several days and most just for Half Day rentals which allowed more guests to have use of the boats.

Water Temperature:  73 degrees at 10’.

Note New Lake Hours:
CLOSE AT 12:00 AM (Midnight)

SUNDAY through Thursday

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Fishing University
Bait & Tackle Shop every Saturday at 10 a.m.
For more info: Ranger Dave Acevedo (619) 962-8394

Shore fishing at the campground
Fishing is available during Campground hours Monday through Thursday by purchasing your Fishing Permit at the Check-In Station. Access is limited to shore fishing below the campground.

Lake Jennings Campground has WiFi at every campsite.

Lake Jennings Campground is open year round. Make your reservation.

Catfish Stocking Schedule

                     Delivery Week of                                                 # of Pounds

May 19 (Start of the season)


June 9


June 30


July 21


August 11


August 25 (3-Day Weekend – Labor Day


September 22 (Last stocking for the season)




For more info: Ranger Dave Acevedo (619) 390-1623.

Subscribe to the weekly Lake Jennings Catch and Release Report.


Subscribe to the weekly Lake Jennings Catch and Release Report

Lake Jennings is on Harritt Road in Lakeside, California (619) 443-2510