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For Immediate Catch and Release

March 30, 2014

Hello from your Lake Jennings!
The Trout bite continues all over the lake with several Sierra Bow and Lightning Trout caught.  We also had three Blind Bogey winners who all walked away with a big smile as they carried their prizes.  We have done our last Trout Stocking but the inventory is high so if you haven’t caught your Trophy there is still time and now the lake will be open every day from April 4th to April 20th.  We will continue to give out “Tagged Trout” and “Bling Bogey” prizes thanks to our sponsor support.  Check your trout for a tag and if you don’t see one you still have a chance to win.  Weigh your trout at the Bait & Tackle shop for a “Blind Bogey” prize by having one of the preselected weights.  We have great prizes to give away from the following sponsors:

Lakeside Bait & Tackle (Gift Certificates and Tackle)
Pure Fishing (Parent company of Berkley, Fenwick Rods and Shakespeare Rods-Provided Fishing Rods, Bait & Tackle)
Bass Brigade (Shirts, Hats, Stickers)
Optimum Baits (Tackle)
AAs Plastics (Tackle)
Lake Jennings Campground (Fishing Permits, 2-Night Stay at Campground and Full Day Motor Boat use)

Rules and Regulations are posted in the Bait & Tackle shop and only “Tagged Trout” and “Blind Bogey Trout” caught on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday” are eligible to win.

More bass are showing up along the shoreline and the timing couldn’t be better with the lake being open every day for “Spring Break.”   The lake is full so you can choose to work the shoreline by foot, launch your own boat or rent one of ours.  Rentals are going quickly so arrive early and they are first come first serve.

 A few words of “Thanks” goes out to all those who participated in the Lake Jennings Annual Month of March Photo Contest, winners to be announced so stay posted.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by the Lake Jennings Booth at the Fred Hall Show and in addition to visiting the booth we had a big hit on sign-ups for the Lake Jennings weekly “Fishermen’s News” and we received tons of compliments on lake and campground operations.  What a positive weekend so thank you all for your support.

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Best Trout Spots: Moving into deeper waters and Trolling
Best Trout Lures/Bait: PowerBait, PowerWorms and Nightcrawlers.

Best Bass Spots: Fishing the shoreline all around the lake.
Best Bass Lures/Bait: Drop Shot, Jigs and Swimbaits.

Best Panfish Spots: Coves with reeds
Best Panfish Lures/Bait: Mealworms and Wax Worms

Best Catfish Spots: Moving out of the deeper waters.
Best Catfish Bait:  Mackerel, Chicken Liver, or Dough Bait.

Best Wiper Spots: Deep waters.
Best Wiper Lures/Bait: Live Shiners, Chicken Liver and frozen Anchovies.


  • Hermit’s Cove: Kevin Bridge of El Cajon, 8 1/4 pound Trout and a 1 pound Lightning Trout using a White Trout Teaser; Calvin Smith of Santee, 9 ¼ pound Trout using Salmon Peach PowerBait; Brandon Avalus of Chula Vista, 7 ¼ pound Trout using a Nightcrawler; Justin Bradford of Lakeside, 5 pound Trout, 1 ¼ pound Lightning Trout and a 2 pound Largemouth Bass using a PowerBait Nightcrawler combo.
  • Cactus Patch: Jason Brockman of Santee, 7 1/4 pound Trout using PowerBait.
  • Half Moon Cove: Darel of El Cajon, 5 ¼ pound and 4 ¾ pound Trout using a Nightcrawler and PowerBait; Cody Tutt of Santee, 4 ½ pound Lightning Trout using a Brown & Red Spinner; Josh Bugiel of Lakeside, 4 pound Lightning Trout using PowerBait.

  • Bling Bogey Winners: Kevin Bridge of El Cajon; Jason Brockman of San Diego; Cody Tutt of Santee.  Congratulations to this week’s winners.

  • Prognosis: As Spring approaches we will continue to see the change in the bite.  Bass and Sunfish are expected to pick up and Trout are also expected to hang in there through April.  Watch for the upcoming “Stocking Schedule” for catfish.

What’s New:  SPRING BREAK – Lake Jennings will be open “EVERY DAY” from April 4 until April 20 and if you plan on camping during this Spring Break make your reservation quickly.  Also new, Lake Jennings now offers a Weekly Rate for camping.

Water Temperature:  60 Degrees at 100’ and 66 Degrees at 10’.

Note New Hours:

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Fishing University
Bait & Tackle Shop every Saturday at 10:00 AM
For more info: Ranger Dave Acevedo 619.962.8394

Each trout stock will include 1 ¼ to 2 pound trout as the average and 10 percent of each stocking having TROPHY Trout in the 3-8 pound and 8-12 pound range.  Two deliveries in the spring will include 500 pounds each of Lightning Trout.

Shore fishing below campground is available by purchasing permits at the campground Monday thru Thursday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Fishing University Time: 10 AM EVERY Saturday at the Bait & Tackle Shop

Lake Jennings Campground now has WiFi at every campsite.

Lake Jennings Campground is open year round

Trout stocked will include 1 ¼ to 2 pound trout as the average and 10 percent of each stocking having TROPHY Trout in the 3-8 pound and 8-12 pound range.  Two deliveries in the spring will include 500 pounds each of Lightning Trout.

Stocking Date is “Week Of”



10/28/13     “Opening Week”

2000 lbs.  1500 lbs.



2000 lbs.  2000 lbs.



1000 lbs.  1500 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs.



1000 lbs. 700 lbs. (Act of Nature - Hatchery lost over 50,000 lbs. of Trout)



1000 lbs. 700 lbs.


02/17/14 (Tagged Fish)

1000 lbs. 500 lbs. of Lightning Trout/ 200 lbs. of Sierra Bow


02/24/14 (Tagged Fish)

500 lbs. of Lightning Trout/500 lbs.   200 lbs. of Sierra Bow


03/03/14 (Tagged Fish)

1000 lbs.700 lbs.



800 lbs. of Lightning Trout/200 lbs. of Sierra Bow - Weather Permitting



21,000 lbs. 19,500 lbs. 20,500 lbs.


Shore fishing at the campground
Fishing is available during Campground hours Monday through Thursday by purchasing your Fishing Permit at the Check-In Station. Access is limited to shore fishing below the campground.

Lake Jennings Campground has WiFi at every campsite.

Lake Jennings Campground is open year round. Make your reservation.

For more info: Ranger Dave Acevedo (619) 390-1623.

Subscribe to the weekly Lake Jennings Catch and Release Report.


Subscribe to the weekly Lake Jennings Catch and Release Report

Lake Jennings is on Harritt Road in Lakeside, California (619) 443-2510